Monday, February 12, 2007

Magnets, migraines and DVDs

*The Building is The RBH Emergency
*The DVD

Some one sweet and special, gave me some plain white magnet photos frames for on the fridge... (ok hands up who has nothing on their fridge - I mean zilch, nothing zero!!) so last night after the longest search I found a calender link that allowed me to do what I wanted to do!

I printed the filled in version and then trimmed of the excess and put the dinner menu for the month on the fridge with the magnet around it.
(I am so sick of thinking about this task every day)

It looked a bit dull. Aha! I recalled some goovy food stickers a certain santa sent me, so I added a few and it looks great...well it did at 2am - I haven't checked yet.

THEN, since I was wide awake I watched the BBC dramatisation on DVD of Elizabeth Gaskell's 'Wives and Daughters'....

so I was still awake at 5am (after one dvd, there is another to go) as the dawn broke and the rain fell.

I stood at my outside door gazing at the rain and the little puddles, and then thought rather then play in it I ought to try and sleep.

Now the reason I was awake was that during (my) sunday afternoon I accidently took a 4 hour nap...and that was because I was tired as I'd spent 7 hours Saturday afternoon/evening in Emergency at the local hospital

(on a Saturday evening it was just like the tv show, we even had a security incident when a woman went screamingcrazy)

I had what I thought was a migraine and it was; however it was also dehydration.
Which is soooo funny as I am the water police to some of my friends, forever saying drink more water; how long since you had a glass of water, where is your water bottle etc. But who knew?

I thought it was a migraine being resistant to the medication, or a reaction to the medication, and it was because I was dehydrated.

The sent me to a mini ward which was way quieter and ran liquid into me pretty fast...I was startled by a scream from behind the wall behind my head and the nurse smiled weaklily and said its the psych ward it happens all the time...hmm...ok

I had become dehydrtaed on Thursday when I slept off the migraine medication from Wednesday night. I woke late in the day to find several small plates with crumbs on the window sill, seems I ate a lot of toast but not much else...and no fluids.

I slept from 5 to 8am and will potter around before another short nap at about 11 with multi alarms set for midday. Thus by the end of the day I will be back on track. Plus I have a calendar and only 1 DVD left to watch!



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