Friday, January 26, 2007

Australia Day 2007

Vegemite gelato on the way

Jan 25, 2007

It's a multicultural twist on an Aussie favourite that's sure to get the tastebuds tingling
this Australia Day.

Those celebrating the national day in Brisbane on Friday will have the chance to cool down
after a couple of snags and beers with
a Vegemite gelato.

Italian-trained Gherardo Deflorian and his partner Lei Hua,
of Brisbane's Gelateria Cremona,
concocted the unique ice cream flavour for lovers of the Australian icon.

"I thought we'd do something different for Australia Day (January 26)
and so I was thinking about maybe lamington,
but Vegemite has to be more controversial," Mr Deflorian told AAP on thursday.

"When I came to Australia there's so many more ingredients than there were in Italy
so I like to keep my job a bit more fun, a bit more interesting so I try new things.

"Everything can be transformed into a gelato."

Mr Deflorian had to get his customers to help him taste-test his newest creation
because he doesn't like Vegemite himself.

"They all say it's quite a weird taste but some people do like Vegemite
and they say it's quite good," he said.

"It reminds them of when they were little and they had Vegemite on toast with butter."

The Vegemite gelato is not the first time Mr Deflorian has experimented
with unusual ice cream flavours.

Last year he made a Guinness gelato for St Patrick's Day
and a pear and blue-vein cheese gelato for a local food festival.

And he plans to make a rose-flavoured gelato for St Valentine's Day next month - bellissimo!



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