Monday, February 12, 2007

Wise Words

Remember the Acorn

An acorn has no idea about how to become an oak. It has never been to school or told by the other seeds how a seedling develops into an oak tree. That acorn could never so much as describe an oak, even if it should somehow talk. But deep inside the acorn's heart is something powerful — something that presses forward and ever upward. When placed in the proper surroundings, the acorn will literally burst open, unable to contain all the potential that lives deep in its heart. As the acorn continues to follow the design already inside, it continues to grow and become stronger. Soon it's a sapling instead of a mere seed. Then it grows taller, but is still just a slender tree. But one day, it finally becomes what was deep inside of it all along: a stout and mighty oak. It's true that some acorns get a later start than others. Some will wait for many seasons before they finally begin to grow. But even a late start cannot hinder the perfect design and purpose placed inside every acorn by God Himself.
— Jim Sutton

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