Monday, October 16, 2006

Saturday Night at the Opera

photos and report coming soon.

I remain in a state of over tiredness...and can't sleep. I got up to get something to help and turned the monitor on to see, and here I am.

The Whizz Kid, DIL and 3rd member of The Next Generation came over to share a meal.

Yummy food in the form of baked risoto.... jelly from the new molds, lots of talk and relaxation.

A tour of the garden was a pre dinner requirement.

Picked two big very
red strawberries this evening.

#3 TNG watered the marigolds around the pagoda for me. Blew me kisses as she left.

Sat on the swing in the cool evening air with the Yoga Sensai and discussed our days.

My broadband was down for 2 hours tonight.


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