Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My International students -

A new friend wondered how I welcome the continuous stream of students into my home.

I guess now that I am approaching the #60th student in 13 years (I have to double check my records -but it's pretty close to that) it has become second nature to me now...

I get the room ready as if a special guest is coming. It is all clean and comfortable, with tissues on the desk and a key. A bottle of water and local tourist information.

I greet them as if they are infact one of my children. The I tell them what I expect of them...make your bed, do your washing. Get yourself up and off to class etc -

The newest student asked about my rules? I said those are my rules...I give you freedom to be a mature sensible person and we go along fine. Mess around, stay out too late or fail class and you will get rules.

She was astounded.

I like to be like an Olympic Diving Judge.
I give them 100%, and only deduct when and if necessary.
Seems to work.


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