Sunday, October 08, 2006

Upon reflection

Today was a better day then many I have had lately.

Whilst I didn't manage to do what I hoped and planned; I managed to do what I have almost given up hoping and ceased planning for; seems having moved the 'scheduled item' onto the unscheduled - hopefully serendipitous list worked.

I helped my distant mother pick up her messages; spoke to the original Grammie on the other side of the world (30 mins free on skype to skype)
the chowder maker out west has become the curtainmaker, and the housesitter is home and on wireless.
M took herself off for the day, returning mid afternoon with purchases (bought with out having to speak at all) and a sense of accomplishment. Wonderfully independent.

I have been asked to chart and grade predicted storms - so we can see if we can predict better then Bureau of meteorology. Level 4 restrictions loom!!


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