Sunday, October 08, 2006

An Editorial.

Even if you prefer zippers and buttons on your clothes, the horse power of your vehicle to be under the hood and like to watch television, surf the internet and eat food 'nukked' in your microwave - you'd be hard pushed not to admire the Amish Community in Pennsylvania.

Having suffered the most horrendous of crimes to the tenderest of it's members this amazing community of believers has, with true grace and dignity, shown the world how to forgive.

At the behest of it the Local Amish Leaders some of the generous financial donations have been set aside in a fund to assist the young family of the perpetrator. Some 75 members of the community attended the funeral of the man took the lives of 5 of their daughters. Still others remain in hospital, their conditions not specifically known.

"Shoot me first" a young teenage girl asked the angst ridden man that broke into their school room with evil on his mind. "Shoot me second" her younger sister stepped forward, in an attempt to save the others. For all that the world may call this community backward, they have been most progressive in teaching their youngsters the real meaning of love, and of faith.

The bereft parents and community have drawn together and at the very moment when we might excuse a lashing out - in almost any form - they, like their girls in the school room who asked why are you doing this? - have reached forth hands of faith and forgiveness.

As a world in desperate need of this example, are we learning? Are we even watching? Or have we already flipped to another channel or risen to the ding of the microwave?


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