Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A New Series:

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speaking of Handle...when I was about 11 our very creative teacher (we had one and she taught all subjects except science French and dressmaking) asked us what book and music we would take to that island..the one where you are all alone, but I think they mus really be very crowded if one but went looking - however I chose The Messiah...this was probably a some what unusual for an 11 year old.

My teacher asked me why and I said I wanted to be able to play it loud with out having to worry about the neighbours.. .so guess what she did?
She lugged her stereo equipment along to school alerted the entire school staff, etc and then played the Messiah for me - LOUD!!!!!!!

( I have no memory of the reaction of the other students)
You know I don't recall the music or the listening experience but I have never forgotten that she did that for me.
My father played it louder each year after that and I have the LP record and one day....



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