Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My delightful student, Aiko (60) cooked a beautiful tasty healthy Japanese dinner for a myself and a group of friends on Saturday night.

We had my like-a-sister who was born in Scotland and grew up on South Africa, who now lives 8 hours west by plane, in Perth.
My like-a-daughter from China, who lives here now having arrived on my doorstep at 16 with no English at all.
My like-a-daughter born out in a big country town but of Dutch descent, my new upstairs neighbour who lived in Japan and speaks enough to rescue us; Aiko the oldest student I have ever had stay with me, and myself born in NZ and now living here: a Kiwi-Roo I call myself.
We sat in my quaint blue and white apartment with the front door open and a cooling spring breeze wafting through.
Some ate from bowls with chopsticks; some from plates with forks; some drank champagne and others drank sparkling non alcoholic grape juice from south Africa.
We were a business investment manager/single mum, a nurse/sales rep; a single world traveler working for airlines; a single accountant under pressure from parents to get married; a housewife gardener/youth volunteer; and a writer.

I was the only one who knew everyone.

We finished off with ice cream bars with mango and macadamia nuts.

Oishii, totemo oishii!!



Blogger Marg said...

Sounds like fun!

7:23 PM, October 11, 2007  

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