Friday, September 28, 2007

Toowoomba Carnival of Flower 2007

We had a great coach driver, John. He had had a few years off from the tours but knew pretty much all we wanted to know and he drove that coach like a sports car...not fast but he could get round any corner or roundabout. We all applauded at the end of tour...we are NOT going back next year, I said we should wait til the drought was really over so we can compare this year's gardens. So what's next?

After 5 hours of coaching touring gardens, on off and on again, I was pretty much gardened out. We still had an hour to go... I said to my touring companion (the english speaking one) SIX HOURS - that's twice as long as Gilligan's tour!

At the Parade, some clever ideas...and all around town creative ways to bring the town to life for the carnival, given the extreme drought. We had sheltered pre allocated seats in the middle of the street, just down from the town hall. Lunch box lunches that turned out to be subway - and a great view.

At the same house, I have no idea what it is but it's blue and pretty. The fragrance in the garden was amazing.

1st Prize Garden 4/5 Computers control the watering with water collected from every down pipe on the property including pool shleter roof and gazebo. It was stunning!


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