Friday, February 16, 2007

Today I was in the city and I noticed some really awful T shirts
(perhaps making sad statements about the wearers -
I spent some time wondering why people buy them,
and indeed why people make them?)

the first was on a pre 20 girl it read
Dear Santa
I have been very very bad

The second was a 20 something male,and the shirt had written on it
I can only be pleasant to one person per day...

...I didn'get the rest as he walked on past me.



Blogger Ali said...

I won't comment on why people wear them, i'll just say that I love a t-shirt that make a person stop and say hmmmm ;)

P.S. I have many of these T's but I won't tell you what they say on here except to say I have that santa one lol.


1:04 AM, February 17, 2007  

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