Friday, February 16, 2007

Left Handed Mobile Phones: #1

Though I am in fact right handed, I hold, use and answer my mobile phone with my left hand.
(this comes from my days as a telephone operator when I wore my headset on my left ear)

I have a new upgrade (for now I will refrain from naming the companies involved) and when the phone rings or I want to see the time the TEXT shows up horizontally rather than vertically...
well, it appears horizontal when you turn the phone sideways which you have to do to read the info showing.

Given that I hold the phone in my left hand, as I said, the text is upside down to me.

I carefully considered ringing the call centre of the company and then decided I would be better going into the relevant store where they have the phones. For an exchange.

This I did. The young lady that served me had a great deal of trouble understanding what I was saying. In the end I managed to get her to call my phone so I could show her.

Whilst she saw then what I meant, she attempted to dismiss me with 'you are the first person with this complaint'...whoa she has the whole national/international database for the company in her head for INSTANT call up!

I told her I didn't mind being The First. Then she said I'd have to call the Call Centre (how did I know she was going to say that?) as in the store they have no authority to make phone changes unless the phone is faulty.

To me, it's faulty!


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