Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Garden

I share a garden with my upstairs neighbours.
I am responsible for the strawberries, herbs,
salad greens, and roses.

The rocket is living up to it's name, and taking off.
The strawberries are blushng red almost faster then we can eat them.

Chives, mint, parsley, Italian Parsley, sorel, coz lettuce, oregeno,
a memory herb that I can't recall the name of - yes really!
Cumquats, and two mini lemon trees.

There is also an orange tree with fruit setting
and a kaffir lime tree.
And a regular lemon tree.
Today I planted our first two tomaotes.

We save every drop of water that we can, from every tap; plus
when it rains we have a bucket system set up to catch water
from the down pipes and store it in huge drums.

We have a unique lawn brand and it remains green.


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