Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Remembering 9/11

Here in Australia it was late at night when the attacks occurred. I was post heart surgery op and had fallen asleep around the wrong way on my bed. I had a TV with cable and had been watching the English BBC News when I fell asleep...what woke me was a quietness, there was no talking on the TV, ...and as I sat up I watched a plane fly into a tall building that had another one on fire in front of it....I flicked over to CNN only to find the same image....I sat stunned.

Everyone else was asleep. About 20 minutes later a friend who was on vacation in Chicago called me. She was in shock. She was due to go to New York in a few weeks. Soon the household awoke hearing me talking and came to see what was going on...we were all stunned. I watched the news all night.
I called a few friends in USA and sent and received several emails.

My son was overseas at the time - in South Korea - I felt a calmness that he was ok...and would be. A few days later I called to check and got a message he was fine. The South Korean Government had placed a ban on public meetings and a few other things but essentially everything was normal.

I watched the footage and reports over the next few days trying to grasp what this meant, to America, to Australia, to the World. It seems to me that on 9/11, when Heroes emmerged, the World's innocence was lost.
To all who lost a loved one that day, and the days following; and for the world, I grieve.


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