Friday, January 19, 2007

My Little Purple Book

I have been givng a great deal of thought to the beautiful little purple blank book I received at Christmastime.
Wondering what I could use it for.
What might qualify to be written or placed in it?

I have it sitting here on my desk. . .

I realised that I have a white pen which I bought with a very nice blue one (my fav colours) and suddenly thought that a list in white on the purple would look very nice...

ahhh but a list of what?

Books I am reading this that's what I am going to do...and movies I see.

They will be in the back, then I decided I would make a list like Oprahs Favourite things... and so I have flipped through some old magazines and found a couple of small images and texts I liked the look of and cut them out. I will glue them in.

Now it just happens yesterday I bought some mini glue sticks and they will be handy - and just now I thought maybe I could get a little purse thing (cloth with zipper) and put the book and pens and glue and some little scissors in ther; thus I have it at hand to work on when I have a moment here or there rather like knitting or things never idle hands make and do.

I thought also lists of fav food and fav songs and so forth so that the book 'reveals' me in 2007.

The book came with a purple and white gingham ribbon tied around it.

I have cut little peices off this and attached them as page markers for Books Movies Favourite Things. Photo coming soon



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