Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have been visiting many Blogs during the UBP
and enjoying meeting new people and seeing great ideas.
Not to mention wonderful templates...I am inspired.

We are having a cooler day before the a mini heat wave, so typical of Melbourne.

Resturant Review
Window on the Bay' at Mordialloc.
Apparently this establishment has changed hands, sadly not for the better.

The Tuscan chicken two guests selected was bland and uninteresting.
The Scallops were rated as wonderful by the two other diners.
The fried ice cream balls were way to big. Also parfait spoons had to be requested rather than the huge dessert spoons offered.

The waiter was spunky and friendly.

And water had to be requested. A suggestion to the manager(?) was received well based upon the comment that it was 35+ outside. In fact, yesterday reached 38+

OOO here comes the rubbish truck!



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