Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: My Year in Review


Book - tough call this -

Non Fiction: Jane Fonda's Biog.

Fiction: Paullina Simmons 'Road to Paradise' which I must finish by midnight.

See my bookwritingblog link in index to right to read more about what I have read this year.

Movie - Miss Potter - for the personal serendipitous moment in it, plus the animations.

Favourite Song - I keep going back to the 'Anniversary Song' by Eva Cassidy.

The sound of it, the tune, the lyrics.

Funniest Moment: Watching Eiko do the twist at her 60th Birthday party

Saddest Moment: Watching mother struggle in hospital.

Best event: attending book signing by Paullina Simmons. (scroll down)

Best visitors: brother and Uncle

Highlight: reaching 1000 kms on my scooter.

Lowlight: someone running over top of my scooter (I was not on it)

Greatest Relief...I was insured.

Poignant Moment: Thai dinner with mum the night before she was air ambulanced home.

Best student: Eiko!

Favourite Radio Program: Tony Delroy's Nightlife on ABC

Best Surprise: My laptop

New Skill: digital artwork and loading video clips from my mobile (cell)phone on to my Blog.

Best Craft: Made a mini cottage garden (inspired by my mother's)

Best Win: Tickets to the Opera

Best TV show - still like my old favs ER, Amazing race, don't watch much really.

and YES! Home and Away.

Fed Up with - Elections.

Wonder about: Maddie (where is she) and why haven’t they caught 'Pumpkin's' dad yet.

T'was a great year for thinking, break-withs as opposed to break throughs (Covey says one is the other)

personal growth, weight control, exercise and yoga implementation; overcoming life long fears,

passing medical check ups with flying colours; exploring and learning.

As ever, a great year for/with great friends.

The best thing I learnt all year was that I love my mother and she loves me.

I learnt to value her experiences and wisdom she shares with me. I began to learn some things shefeels will be important for me. I learnt that we could talk through life-long-tough stuff andresolve it.

At the end of this year what do I know?

The glass really is half full.

All things are possible.

and to expect the it good bad or indifferent.



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